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Menu Item Types: BBQ Finger Food
From $2.65 per item

All the following items can be cooked on a BBQ with a chef in view of guests, then handed around by waiting staff. Guests may also like to help themselves from a table alongside the chef.

$2.65 items*
Grilled asparagus and pita bread rolls
Grated beetroot and horseradish burghers with tzatziki
Grilled polenta triangles with “shadows of blue” cheese and tomato
Large scallops, grilled then returned to their shells with mango salsa
Thai marinated chicken breast fillet pieces with lemon grass

$3.05 items*
Sliced chorizos, grilled with bruschetta and tapenade
Miniature Filet mignons with hollandaise
Teriyaki rump strips with red onion on skewers

$3.80 items*
Mini vegetable kebabs with eggplant and chilli dip
Moreton Bay bug tails with sezchwan marinade
Barossa Valley chicken satays with tom yum sauce
Long prawns on skewers with black cumin seeds and pesto
Thai marinated prawns on skewers with tom yum dip

$4.35 items*
Snapper bacon and Turkish bread skewers
Grilled marinated pineapple cut squid served in small cones
Spear Creek lamb cutlets with chilli and eggplant relish

$4.55 items*
Prawns on skewers with mango rocket and prosciutto, 2 per skewer