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Menu Item Types: Buffet
From $34.00 per head


Creamy chicken casserole with leeks and green peas

Mary Berry’s chicken tagine with diced apricots, prunes and preserved lemon on cous cous

Chicken breast stuffed with spinach and ricotta on herbed pasta spirals

Maple, Dijon and chicken chops with hasselback butternut squash

Atlantic salmon with barley, lemon, tomato and chilli on herbed potato slices

Lamb cutlets with pan fried gnocchi and caramelised onion

Slow cooked spiced pork shoulder with Singapore noodles and stir-fried greens

Mongolian beef with broccoli and rice

Zucchini and corn fritters with broccoli and cashew aioli

Fennel, pepper and orange-flavoured caulifower steaks with cheese and tomato sauce

Red peppers stuffed with rice, pesto and roast tomato

Chicken cobb salad


Seafood platters with oysters, prawns, fresh scallops & crayfish need to be quoted separately as they are more expensive than the usual items on the menu

Whole baked Snapper or Atlantic salmon need to be quoted by weight



Salad of smoked salmon parcels with cucumber & sesame dressing

Smoked salmon & Thai prawn platter

Anti pasto platter with prosciutto, eggplant fritters, red capsicum, asparagus, feta & tomato

Ballotine of chicken stuffed with basil & semi sun dried tomatoes

Chicken Caesar salad

Chicken breast with mango, avocado & chive mayonnaise

Chicken, pine nut & lemon terrine

Chicken breast with orange & Cumberland sauce

Loin of veal stuffed with spinach & egg, served with pesto

Veal, prosciutto & mushroom terrine

Thai beef & rice noodle salad in coriander & lime dressing

Grilled & sliced rare beef with horseradish & mustard

Beef fillet grilled & sliced & served with roasted capsicum & red capsicum mayonnaise

Double smoked ham platter with turkey & chilli salami & Dijon mustard

Spiced & sliced turkey breast with sweet potato & fig relish

Cold sliced duck breast with Cos lettuce & diced beetroot salad

Grilled blue fin tuna Nicoise



Mixed tomato salad with grilled haloumi

Avocado and tomato nachos salad with cucumber and herb cream

Kale, avocado, apple and herb salad with a yoghurt and dill vinaigrette

Watermelon tabouleh with red onion, cucumber and shredded baby cos



Whiting rolls with lemon & dill sauce

Atlantic salmon strudels with mango & chilli salsa

Atlantic salmon with lemon & egg sauce on lemon & chive mash

Red roast chicken with bok choy, broccoli & snow peas

Tandoori chicken pieces with jasmine rice & cucumber raita

Tangine of chicken with toasted almonds, apricots & couscous

Grilled marinated chicken with basil cream & onion rings

Marinated chicken pieces with lemon & mushroom risotto

Chicken, tomato, herb & vegetable casserole with baby potatoes

Grilled chicken thigh fillets on a bed of leeks with fresh tomato & mushroom sauce

Tiny veal escalopes on risotto with fresh tomato sauce

Grilled yearling fillet on soft polenta with baked fennel & caramelised onion

Beef fillet on Mediterranean potatoes with roasted tomatoes & hollandaise sauce

Tiny beef mignons with red wine glaze & chive mashed potatoes

Stir fried beef with broccoli & sesame noodles

Beef vindaloo, jasmine rice & tomato & onion salsa

Spinach, eggplant, beef and tomato lasagne

Mediterranean chicken with olives, tomato, capers and prunes

Pepper steaks with mushroom sauce, creamy mash and sugar snap peas

Spiced buttered chicken breast with rice, baked spiced butternut with lime roasted almonds and green chili

French lamb cutlets with roast beetroot, broccoli and mint & parsley salsa verde, served with a little cauliflower cheese tart

Slow cooked lamb curry with mini carrots, potato, eggplant, onion, red pepper and tomato on basmati rice

Twice baked souffles with creamy tomato and lime prawns

Pumpkin, feta and chicken sausage casserole with white beans, carrot and broccoli

Duck leg confit on Singapore noodles with stir fried kale, pea tendrils and tatsoi

Sticky Asian chicken chops on basmati rice with sugar snap peas

Atlantic salmon with lemon myrtle green curry sauce, roast pumpkin, steamed carrots and broccoli

Butter chicken breast with spiced pumpkin, green chilli and diced tomato on basmati rice

Chicken breast stuffed with burrata, sun-dried tomatoes & basil on slow cooked cheese and herb tortellini

Parmesan & parsley crusted chicken on sweet potato, chick pea, baby spinach & tomato

Spiced lamb cutlets with baked sweet potato stuffed with dahl

Duck legs with stir fried greens and sesame noodles

Tandoori chicken on a bed of kocheri (basmati rice, lentils & spiced vegetables)

Chicken schnitzel with cheesy quinoa vegetable bake, with saffron & lemon cream

Stir fried fillet beef on a bed of sliced potato with broccoli



Mushroom & sour cream strudels

Vegetable lasagne

Butternut pumpkin & sage spaghetti

Onion, olive & tomato tarts with zucchini, red capsicum garlic & thyme

Grilled assorted vegetables with 9 spices, chick peas, tzatziki  & couscous

Char-grilled asparagus and zucchini with cherry tomatoes and haloumi

Char-grilled broccoli with chili and garlic

Fennel, cherry tomato and herb crumble

Chickpea, spinach and honeyed sweet potato casserole

Spiced green lentils, basmati rice, noodles, grilled onion and hot garlic tomato sauce

Spiced cauliflower steaks with sesame aioli

Eggplant & haloumi rolls on coconut dahl

Baked cauliflower with dates, almonds & za’atar



Chicken with snow peas, chargrilled corn, barberries, Lebanese cucumber & avocado

Rare roast beef with Asian salad of snow peas, bean shoots, cucumber & coriander with a ginger & lime dressing

Lamb with grilled haloumi, fennel, orange & avocado

Pork with kale, apple & quinoa

Rare roast beef with mixed lettuce, beetroot and fetta



Baby spinach, pea, sugar pea mint and feta salad

Mixed lettuce with chick peas, lemon and grilled haloumi salad

Avocado salad with ginger and sesame dressing

Traditional green salad with iceberg, mixed lettuce, cherry tomato & avocado

Mixed green salad with toasted pancetta, lemon croutons & cucumber

Rocket, asparagus, parmesan & mushroom

Roast baby potato & sweet potato salad with mustard dressing

Red onion, fennel, orange & caper salad

Green oak lettuce, asparagus & roasted pepper salad

Caesar salad with soft egg, parmesan, croutons, anchovy & garlic cream

Cos lettuce, pear, parmesan & toasted pine nut salad

Tomato, onion, basil & boconcini salad

Greek salad with olive & fetta

Kipfler potato salad with spring onion, mint, bacon, Dijon and egg

Pink potato salad, with olive, basil, fetta & onion

Pasta salad with spring onion, olive, tomato, pepper, artichoke & basil

Cucumber, chilli and poppy seed salad

Grilled haloumi, fennel, blood orange and avocado

Slow roasted tomato with crème fraiche, capers, olives and parmesan

Spiced cauliflower salad

Kale, quinoa apple, carrot, red onion & beetroot salad

Kale, quinoa, apple, red onion & avocado

Kale, avocado,apple & herb salad with yoghurt & dill vinaigrette

Quinoa tabouleh

Mixed tomato salad with grilled haloumi

Avocado & tomato nachos salad with cucumber & herb cream

Watermelon tabouleh with red onion, cucumber & shredded baby cos lettuce

Lentil salad with chickpeas, onion, zucchini, tomato, pepper with olive oil & lemon dressing



Please specify, e.g. rolls, herb bread, foccacia, lepinja etc.



Cheese platter & fruit platter

Lemon & almond tart with cream

Chocolate walnut pie.

Chocolate roulade with raspberry sauce.

Tiramisu with chocolate curls.

Nick’s chocolate Bavarian tart with strawberries

Baked cheese cake with toasted almonds

Hazelnut & berry sponge roll

Pear & date cake with butterscotch sauce

Fresh strawberries with sliced oranges & marscapone

Pavlova with mango, passionfruit & berries.



For 2 hot dishes, 1 salad, bread

$34.00 per head + GST


For 2 hot dishes, 1 salad, bread, dessert.

$43.00 per head + GST


For 2 hot dishes, 1 salad, bread, cheese & fruit.

$43.80 per head + GST


For 2 hot dishes, 2 salads, bread, dessert.

$48.00 per head + GST


For 2 hot dishes, 2 salads, bread, cheese & fruit.

$48.80 per head + GST


For 1 cold dish, 2 hot dishes, 1 salad, bread, dessert.

$57.00 per head + GST


For 1 cold dish, 2 hot dishes, 1 salad, bread, cheese & fruit.

$57.80 per head + GST


For 1 cold dish, 2 hot dishes, 2 salads, bread, dessert.

$62.00 per head + GST


For 1 cold dish, 2 hot dishes, 2 salads, bread, cheese & fruit.

$62.80 per head + GST


For additional hot dishes, cold dishes, or salads with meat add $14.00 per head per dish

For additional salads add $5.00 per head per salad.

For additional desserts add $9.00 per head per dessert.

Cheese platters and fruit platters are charged at $4.90 per head

These prices are for food only and do not include GST which is additional at 10%. Food is delivered with serving platters, but we do not supply serving utensils unless specifically requested & there is a hire charge for these.