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Savoury items

Menu Item Types: Finger food
From $2.25 per item
Savoury items

Some items need a little work at the last minute. For example, anything served on bruschetta or on a crouton has to be assembled shortly before serving so it won’t go soggy. These items are marked with an asterisk:

Some items taste much better cooked on the spot, while others cannot be pre-prepared and need to be freshly cooked just before serving. These are marked with the time symbol:

Sometimes finger food is requested to be delivered hot. This is only possible to venues close to our Netherby kitchens and will attract a service fee due to staff time needed to heat and pack the food into polystyrene boxes.

Should any of your selected items require the use of a deep-fryer, the following charges will apply ($25.00 + GST single deep fryer / $50.00 + GST double deep fryer). These items are marked with a time symbol: and the fryer symbol:

$2.25 Items

Served Hot

Vegetable spring rolls with sweet chili sauce

Spicy meatballs with Rolling Pin tomato relish

Tiny sausage rolls with home-made tomato sauce

Filo pastry bon bons with beef and horseradish, or chicken & pesto

Served Cold

Assorted pinwheel sandwiches

Smoked salmon mousse, piped on croutons with lemon and chives

$2.45 Items

Served Hot

Filo pastry triangles

Tomato and pesto cocktail quiches

Smoked salmon, lemon and chive cocktail quiches

Bacon, herb and onion cocktail quiches

Pear, caramelised onion & fetta puff pastries

Curried chicken and chutney puffs

Curried lamb swirls with peanut sauce

Feta prawn puffs with tzatziki

Spiced coriander chicken parcels with peanut sauce

Crumbed sesame chicken pieces with lemon mayonnaise

Bruschetta with tomato, cheese, pesto and semi sundried tomato

Crumbed calamari rings with aioli

Miniature spicy sausages with Cumberland dipping sauce

Egg-plant fritter with fresh tomato dip

Bacon-wrapped prunes

Bacon-filled baby potatoes

Baked goat-cheese tartlets with roasted pepper strips

Risotto balls with red pesto dip

Fish or vegetable tempura

Warm caper and polenta baby muffins with smoked salmon

Prosciutto and mozzarella bites N

Chick pea and chermoula cakes


Party pies and pasties

Mini mac cheese with tomato jam

Thai chicken balls

Prawns wrapped in potato noodles

Crispy vegetarian dumplings

$2.45 Items

Served Cold

Individual smoked salmon fritatta

Toasted baguette with fig and prosciutto

Marinated grilled chicken on French stick, with mango, chilli and Cajun seasoning

Baked ricotta with olive tapenade

Miniature éclairs with pheasant pâté and pistachio nuts

Mediterranean dried tomato, olive and artichoke tartlets

Smoked salmon and sour cream dip with croutons and tiny cos lettuce leaves

Sliced fillet of beef with horseradish on French stick

Toasted squares of beef fillet with pesto and semi sundried tomato

Eggplant & tahini dip, rolled lavosh bread, asparagus and small cos lettuce leaves

Parma ham and melon

Turkey rolls on croutons with redcurrant jelly

Smoked salmon tartlets

Fresh vegetables with avocado dip

Fresh avocado dip with tomato kebabs and pita bread

Wild rice pikelets with prosciutto and melon

Mushroom, tomato, and caramelised onion tartlets

Caramelized red capsicum and goat curd tartlets

Miniature Caesar salads

Frittata squares with pesto and tomato

Red onion jam with ‘Shadows of Blue’ cheese on wedges of toasted baguette

Toasted prosciutto, rocket, tomato and parmesan finger sandwiches

Chicken and spring onion or Chicken and rocket finger sandwiches

Chicken, corn and roasted pepper fingers

Bacon and avocado or Bacon, avocado, artichoke, chilli and pesto fingers

Ham, sprout and mustard or Ham, asparagus and spring onion fingers

Chicken ribbon sandwiches

Chicken & avocado checkerboard sandwiches

Miniature open sandwiches

Asparagus rolls

Smoked trout canapés with horseradish butter

Bruschetta with chicken, tomato and roasted pepper

Rare roast beef fillet, rolled in fresh rocket, with rocket and parmesan pesto

Tartlets with warm white bean puree and slow roasted cherry tomatoes

Tartlets with skordalia and glazed beef

Prosciutto-wrapped peacharine with bocconcini and pepper

Prosciutto-wrapped asparagus with Hollandaise sauce

Black pepper tartlets with garlic and fresh asparagus tips

Bruschetta with beef and pesto

Lightly-toasted Parisian club sandwich (price per triangle)

Grilled chorizos with date, lemon, feta and walnuts



$2.85 Items

Served Hot

Californian crab cakes with sweet chilli dip

Miniature croissants with leek and ham

Puff pastry squares with caramelised onion and pear

Prawns wrapped in potato noodles, with hot, sour and salty sauce

Traditional Italian wood-fired mini pizzas

Chicken on a lemongrass skewer with tom yum dip

Deep-fried prawn wontons with special chilli and ginger sauce

Atlantic salmon pieces on bruschetta with lemon hollandaise

Finger size pieces of white fish of the day with Asian bread crumbs, served with

lemon myrtle green curry dip

Grilled lamb fillet, sliced with hommus on a tiny Turkish bread square

Tiny beef mignons with mustard hollandaise

Miniature fillet steak on a toasted crouton, with Dijon mustard

Scallops wrapped in bacon with lemon aioli

Pork belly on a china spoon with apply puree, cider glaze & chives

$2.85 Items

Served Cold

Parmesan crisp tartlets with guacamole

Thai chicken curry bites with sweet chilli sauce

Pancetta, tomato basil and bocconcini cups

Smoked salmon on miniature rye slices

Oyster platter with seafood sauce

(can be supplied with shooters, or other variations to client’s requirements)

Fresh oysters on lemon thyme sandwiches

Iced oysters with wasabi flavored flying fish roe

Sushi platters with Californian rolls, lemon omelette, marinated prawns and smoked salmon parcels Bruschetta with pear and Woodside goat cheese

Soy beef rolls with shredded cucumber and pickled ginger

Beef and asparagus with Hollandaise sauce

Chilled tuna sashimi with beetroot jelly and salad burnett

Pickled garfish rolls with caperberries and yellow peppers

Bruschetta with enochi mushrooms, wrapped in prosciutto

Watermelon cubes with Morton Bay bugs & creme fraiche

$3.05 Items

Served Hot

Miniature chicken satays with coriander, chilli and peanut sauce

Warm lemon waffles with smoked salmon, sour cream and wasabi flying fish roe

Mini hot dogs with mustard and tomato ketchup

Bruschetta with Willabrand saffron infused pear wrapped in pancetta with walnut and parsley pesto

Served Cold

Orange caramelized witloff tartlets with grilled scallops or foie gras

Prawn, tomato and radish tom yum shots

Smoked salmon and cream cheese parcels

Vietnamese cold rolls with shredded vegetables and mango


$3.25 Items


Served Hot

Beef vindaloo on miniature naan bread

Tandoori grilled tuna on a skewer with cucumber sour cream dip

Duck pies with mango salsa

Stir-fried noodles and vegetables in noodle boxes

Black sesame cones with sliced hoisin duck and shredded vegetables

Prawns on skewers with rocket, mango and prosciutto

King George whiting in batter with lemon myrtle dip

Butterflied king prawns crumbed with ground rice, ginger and sesame oil

Butter chicken on miniature naan bread

Served Cold

Fresh prawn cutlets with lime and black cumin seed

Thai marinated prawns on ginger and spring onion pikelets

King prawns, snow peas with curried mango dip

Anti-pasto platters


$3.80 Items

Served Hot

Mini hamburgers with mild American mustard & dill pickles in lightly toasted buns

Served Cold

Crayfish, spring onion and salsa tartlets

Smoked ocean trout mille-feuille

Vietnamese cold rolls with shredded vegetables, mango and duck or prawn

Miniature bagels with smoked salmon or chicken and almond filling




$4.15 Items

Served Hot

Miniature cones of fish and chips with salt and vinegar

Blackened Cajun prawn kebabs (2 per skewer)

Mini wagyu rump satays with chimichurri sauce

Tandoori quail breast fillet on naan bread

Stir-fried noodles and vegetables with chicken or prawns in noodle boxes

$4.35 Items

Served Hot

Short cut French lamb cutlets with mint and chive yoghurt dip